Attorney and Staff Profiles


Anthony J. Minko
Attorney & Counselor at Law

As an attorney in private practice in Brooklyn, New York, Anthony J. Minko provides a wide range of estate planning services to clients throughout the New York City area. Mr. Minko creates personalized estate plans that... [read more]


Brooke Minko
Director of Creative Development

Brooke Minko, serves as Director of Creative Development for Minko Law Office. Brooke has proven a rare capacity and talent for initiating new projects quickly and designing them to meet the firm's overall needs, customized... [read more]

Kristina Minko
Director of Legal Services

Kristina Minko serves as Director of Legal Services at Minko Law Office. With several years of experience as a member of our team, Kristina works closely with Attorney Anthony Minko with respect to the preparation,... [read more]

Kristen Velloza
Director of Client Services

Kristen Velloza serves as Director of Client Services at Minko Law Office. She oversees all of the firm’s client outreach programs. This includes planning and conducting public seminars, private workshops, and special... [read more]

Christopher Minko
Director of Financial Services

Christopher Minko serves as Director of Financial Services for Minko Law Office. Better known as Chris Minko, (and as the name suggests,) he is Anthony’s brother! Chris helps clients to preserve their wealth and achieve... [read more]

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